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High-Quality Machining OperationsSwiss Precision Lathe

Machining Techniques

What can our precision machining do?
Precision machining to solve the problems, one is the machining accuracy, including tolerance, dimensional accuracy and surface conditions; The second is the processing efficiency, some processing can achieve better processing accuracy, but it is difficult to achieve high processing efficiency. Precision machining includes micro-machining, ultra-fine machining, finishing and other processing technologies. The traditional precision machining methods include abrasive belt grinding, precision cutting, honing, precision grinding and polishing.

Application field of precision machining technology

•Precision instruments and accessories manufacturing
High-precision precision instruments are essential in scientific research and precision production processes, and the accessories in these precision instruments need to be manufactured using precision machining technology. Not only do they need to be able to guarantee accuracy, but they also need to be able to withstand high-speed rotation and very small axial deviations.
•Mold and tooling manufacturing
In industrial production, molds and tooling are an indispensable part. The manufacture of molds and tooling needs to ensure high precision, while also having high hardness, high reliability and long life

The function of precision machining

It is often used in the processing of key parts such as precision lead screw, precision gear, precision worm gear, precision guide rail and precision bearing.
Our accuracy:
The machining accuracy is 10 ~ 0.1 micron, and the surface roughness is below 0.1 micron.

Our advantages

1.Precision parts processing production efficiency is higher, CNC parts processing can process multiple surfaces at the same time, compared with ordinary lathe processing can save a lot of processes, save time, and CNC machining parts quality is relatively stable ordinary lathe to a lot.
2. Parts of different complexity can be processed through programming, and the modification and update design only needs to change the program of the lathe, which can greatly shorten the development cycle of the product.
3. The degree of automation is very enough, which greatly reduces the physical labor intensity of workers.