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Precision CNC Milling Machine for High-Quality Manufacturing

CNC Machining Services

What is cnc milling?
Milling is a typical removal process. Milling is to fix the blank workpiece, and use a high-speed rotating milling cutter to walk on the workpiece to remove excess material and obtain the set shape. Widely used in various industries, from engine parts to metal molds, can be processed by milling process. Roughing is marked by cutting the amount of cutting, using a large feed and as large a depth of cutting as possible during rough milling in order to cut as much material as possible in a short time.

What kinds of parts can you make with CNC milling machines?

CNC milling machines let operators create complex designs with very tight tolerances. As a result, it is one of the most accurate manufacturing techniques to date. 
Here’s a look at the products you can create:
•Aerospace components such as landing gear components, fuselage structures
•Components for the automotive industry such as control panels, axles, car molds
•Consumer electronics components such as enclosures
•Medical components such as surgical instruments, orthotics
•Oil and gas machine parts such as valves, rods, pins
•Prototyping and modeling

The Uses Of Cnc Milling

Machining surfaces, grooves, various forming surfaces (such as splines, gears and threads) and special shape surfaces of molds.
Enables manufacturers to accurately manufacture complex parts while meeting tight tolerances.
Machining accuracy: generally up to IT8~IT7, and the surface roughness is 6.3~1.6μm.

Why choose us?

1. High efficiency: complete a large number of processing tasks in a short time, and the cutting speed is fast
2. High precision: high precision processing can be achieved
3. Strong flexibility: can adapt to different shapes and sizes of the workpiece
4. Good surface quality: Better surface quality can be obtained, because it controls the surface finish and roughness by controlling the cutting parameters of the tool
5. A wide range of processing: can process a variety of materials